What are the costs for PCB layout with “on board” option?

I am able to provide all materials for my PCB production yet there will be two pieces required “on board”, is it possible? How can I calculate the cost to it?

You may find the sales price through our JetPCB.com Online Quotation System for PCB fabrication and PCB Layout fabrication. If you are unsure how the system works, you may refer to Dr. JetPCB for a more detailed explanation.

As for SMT, we provide OEMs only, which means, all the materials must be provided by you in order for us to proceed with the production. The processing fee will be determined by the numbers of parts in use. To provide a better estimate of the real costs relevant to such fee, we highly recommend that you send us your Gerber files and BOM, along with your numbers of quantities to sales@jetpcb.com.
If you have any questions of the above, please do not hesitate  to contact us!