Terms and Conditions of Quotation and Sale

Jetpcbweb LLC (hereinafter “JetPCB”) supplies JetPCB (http://us.jetpcb.com) service (hereinafter “JetPCB.com”) in accordance with the service clauses. When you make use of the service, it means that you have read, understood, and agreed to accept all the contents of the clauses. Besides, when you are using the specific service of JetPCB.com, you are requested to abide by the service clauses proclaimed at some other time or the related regulations on the foundation of the character of service. JetPCB.com has the right to alter or amend the contents of the clauses at any time. We suggest that you pay attention to the alterations or changes any time. If you continue to use the service after the alterations or changes has been made, you are regarded as having read, understood and agreed to accept the alterations or changes. If you do not agree upon the contents of the service clauses, or the country or region you to which belong excludes part or all of the contents, you should stop using the service immediately. If you are under 20 years old, you can use or continue to use the service after you obtain the agreement of your parents who have read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents of the clauses and the alterations or changes, in addition to meeting the above-stated regulations. When you use or continue to use the service, we will infer that your parents have read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents of the clauses and the alterations or changes.
To use the service, you have to agree upon the following:
(A) In accordance with the hints of the service registration, you must supply the correct, latest and complete information about yourself.
(B) Be ready to maintain and renew your personal information to ensure that it is all correct, latest and complete. If you supply incorrect, false and incomplete information about yourself, JetPCB.com has the right to suspend or terminate your account, and we will reject you the right to use all or part of the service.
Membership Account, Password and Security
After you are finished with the registration procedures, you will receive a password and account. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality and security of the password and account. In addition, you have agreed to the following:
(A) When your password or account is stolen or any other security issues happen, please notify JetPCB immediately.
(B) When every connection is deactivated, your account will likewise be terminated.
Credit Terms
JetPCB reserves the right to review the credit history of the Buyer prior to order acceptance. COD Terms may apply and will be so stated on the face of the quotation upon agreement with JetPCB.
Quotation Validity
All quoted prices, other charges and lead times are valid for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of quotation. Extension of this validity period will not be acceptable, however, may be considered upon reviewed by JetPCB.
All prices will be quoted, all orders accepted all invoices presented, will be exclusive of all federal, state and local excise, sales, value added and similar taxes.
Delivery of products by JetPCB will be within the quoted lead time shown on the quotation, or to the delivery date acknowledged by JetPCB. Deliveries based on monthly releases against the Buyers purchase order are subject to review, acceptance or mutually negotiated schedules. JetPCB shall use its best endeavor to meet agreed delivery dates but shall not be held liable for non compliance due to uncontrollable conditions.
Shipping Charges
JetPCB will take initiative and notify customers should there be any changes in shipping from the date quotation was provided to the date order is placed. Pricing adjustment based on rates provided by JetPCB's courier service provider (ex: fuel surcharges) details please see courier service provider' websites.
Methods of Shipments
All U.S. shipments are F.O.B. The method of shipment is the Buyers option and so stated in the Buyers purchase order. If no method of shipment is stated by the Buyer, JetPCB will choose a method that insures safe, undamaged, timely delivery of the product.
Any changes to the product specifications, purchase order, pricing, delivery schedule and other specific terms in the original quotation and/or acknowledged order are subject to the review and acceptance of JetPCB. Changes which alter the original scope of the work to be performed and which have any cost impact must be mutually negotiated, accepted in writing, reflected in a revised purchase order before implementation of the change(s).
JetPCB warrants that the product delivered to the Buyer will substantially conform to the specifications furnished by the buyer (and acknowledged by JetPCB at the time of order acceptance) and will be free of defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty period will be forty-five (45) days from the date of the products invoice / shipment. During that forty-five (45) day period, it is the Buyers obligation to inspect, accept or reject the product. Notice of rejection must be submitted to JetPCB, who (at its option) can authorize the return of the product for inspection, repair, remanufacture or credit without replacement. JetPCB reserves the right to request samples of the rejected product for inspection and evaluation. If product is returned and subsequently found by JetPCB to be compliant with acknowledged specifications, the product will be reshipped and payment will be due per the original invoice or if a debit was prepared by the Buyer, will be re-invoiced for immediate payment. Any and all returns must be authorized by JetPCB issuing a return material authorization number (RMA): Returned product not referencing a RMA number can not be accepted by JetPCB receiving department. Other than as set forth above, there are no express or implied warranties, including those of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, nor any product sold hereunder (Whether such product is used alone or in combination with any other material).
The User's Law-abiding Duties and Promises
You must promise that you will never use the service for any illegal purposes or in any unlawful form, and observe the related laws and regulations of the United States of America and the international practices of using the Internet. If you are a user outside of America, you must agree to abide by the laws and regulations of the country or region. You must also agree that you will promise not to impinge upon the others' privileges or do any unlawful things by using the service, including, but not limited to the following:
(A) Downloading, posting, publicizing or transmitting on the service any files containing words, pictures which are libelous, insulting, threatening, provocative, uncultured, obscene, untrue, defying public order, and good customs and traditions.
(B) Impinging upon the other's reputation, privacy, business secrets, trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other intellectual property rights, and other rights.
(C) Violating the confidentiality duties entailed by law or contract.
(D) Using the service under a false name.
(E) Downloading, posting, publicizing or transmitting any data that contain viruses, or any program codes that interrupt, damage, or dysfunctionalize the computer software and hardware.
(F) Conducting illegal transactions or posting false, crime-induced data.
(G) Selling guns, drugs, banned medicines, pirated software and other contraband goods.
(H) Supplying the information about gambling or enticing people to gamble.
(I) Indiscriminately spread commercial e-mail, junk mail, chain mail and any unlawful multi-layered marketing information.
(J) Hurting underage people in any form.
(K) Faking up the source of information or jamming up the identification of the source of transmission in any form.
(L) Jamming up or discontinuing the service, the server, and the websites connected with the service, or violating the related requirements, procedures, policies or rules when connected with the service.
(M) Concretely supporting or financing the terrorist actions.
(N) Following or harassing other people or gathering and storing the personal information of other people for the above-stated reasons.
(O) Any other proper reasons deemed inappropriate by JetPCB.com.
System Interruption or Breakdown
Any interruption or failure may show up on the service. They may cause inconvenience, loss of information, errors, falsification by others, or any other financial losses when you are using the service. When using the service, you have to take self-protective measures. JetPCB.com will NOT take any responsibility for the damage to your use of the service (failure to use), except for intentional or serious errors.
Downloading Software or Information
JetPCB.com will NOT take any responsibility for downloading the software or information by using the service or other websites connected with the service. You have to consider and judge the propriety, validity, accuracy, and completeness of the already mentioned software and information, and whether you would impinge upon the others' rights to avoid damage (e.g.: damage to your computer, and loss of data storage) JetPCB.com will NOT indemnify for the loss.
Information and Suggestions
JetPCB.com does not guarantee the full accuracy of the information and suggestions you obtain by using the service, or the websites through the service (including but not limited to commerce, investment, medical and law, etc.). We have the right to readily alter or delete the information or suggestions we supply. You have to consult the professionals to hear their advice about your situation to meet your needs before making any plans and decisions. We will co-operate with other companies and factory owners to post the contents including news, messages and e-newspaper supplied by them. We will footnote the content suppliers when posting them. To respect the intellectual property rights of the content suppliers, JetPCB.com will not do any concrete checks or alterations, and we will not take any responsibility for the authenticity and falsity of the contents. You have to judge whether the content is true or not. If you think that some contents involve impingement or falsity, please contact the content supplier.
Immunity Statements
You clearly understand and agree that JetPCB.com does not offer obviously-expressed or implied guarantees, including but not limited to commercial marketability, purported applicability, and the right not to impinge upon others. The service is presented on the basis of "its status quo" and "supplying for use". When you use the service, you must take the risks related to them. JetPCB.com does not guarantee the following:
(A) The service will meet your needs.
(B) The service will free itself from jamming up, spontaneously supply, or maintain security and no errors.
(C) The service will not ensure the correctness or reliability of the result through using the service.
(D) Any product, service, information or other data you get by using the service will meet your expectations.
(E) Any errors in the software will be corrected.
You should make evaluations on and take the risks for downloading or obtaining any information by using the service. The responsibility for any damage to your computer system or loss of data by so doing will be totally yours. The suggestions or information you obtain from JetPCB.com or through the service, whether written or spoken, will not constitute any guarantees of the service. You clearly understand and agree that JetPCB.com, subsidiaries, affiliates, managers, employees, agents, partners and authorizers will Not take any responsibility for any direct, indirect, attached, special, resulting and punitive damage on your part, including but not limited to the benefits, trademarks, uses, damage to information or other unseen loss resulting from the following reasons (even if JetPCB.com has been notified of the possibility of the damage):
(A) Be able or unable to use the service.
(B) Any product, information, data or service purchased via or through the service, or the resulting substitute product and the purchase cost of the service in receiving messages or executing transactions.
(C) Storing or altering your transmission or information without your authorization.
(D) Any statements made by the third party on the service. Or
(E) Whatever is related to the service.
Member Behavior
The responsibility for the information, data, words, software, music, sound messages, pictures, graphs, video conference, messages, or other information openly posted or privately transmitted by the members should be taken by the "member contents" suppliers. JetPCB.com cannot control the posting of the member contents via the service. For this reason, we cannot guarantee its accuracy, completeness or quality. Under any circumstances, we will not be held accountable for any member contents, including but not limited to any errors or emissions, and any loss or damage resulting from posting, sending or transmitting e-mail through the service. You understand we do not check up on the member contents beforehand. But, we have the right (but no obligation) to reject or remove the member contents via the service for our own considerations. Without being restricted to the formerly stated preconditions, when using any member contents, you have to agree to evaluate and shoulder all the risks, considering the accuracy, completeness, and practicality of the member contents. You understand and agree that JetPCB.com, under the requirements of the law or within the reasonable and necessary scope of the following purposes, presumes that your account information or the member contents which must be preserved or disclosed to the government, the courts of justice, and the guardians of underage people should be preserved or disclosed:
(A) Abiding by the requests of the law or the government.
(B) Whatever is required by supplying the service.
(C) Whatever is required to stop the others' privileges from being threatened. Or
(D) Exempting the users and the public from pressing dangers of life, body, freedom, rights and property.
You understand the service of the software included in the service may include the security elements of protecting the digital information. When using the information, please follow the rules supplied by JetPCB.com or supplied to JetPCB.com by the contents suppliers. You should not try to break or evade the rules of use included in the service. Any reproduction, publication, spreading or public display of all or part of the information supplied by the service will be strictly forbidden.
The Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
JetPCB.com holds it clear that the copyrights, patents, trademarks and other intellectual property rights on the files including words, graphs, routes, picture arrangement and data editing you are posting and transmitting, etc all belong to you or to any rights proprietor. Without your or the rights proprietor's prior authorization, JetPCB.com will not arbitrarily reproduce, rewrite, edit, spread, publicly promulgate or illegally use them, or else your or the rights proprietor can file a complaint and ask for an indemnity according to the law. If you want to quote or Tran download the above-mentioned software, formulas, the contents of the websites, you have to obtain by law the written agreement of JetPCB.com or other rights proprietors. Respecting the intellectual property rights is your duty. If you violate it, you have to indemnify JetPCB.com. For the purposes of marketing and promoting the service, JetPCB.com will be protected by trademark law and fair trade commission in using the service-related product or the name of service and graphs, etc. (JetPCB. trademark for short as stated below). Without any prior written permission of JetPCB.com, you agree not to use any JetPCB. Trademark in any form.
Execution of Copyright or Intellectual Property Rights
Violations JetPCB.com respects the intellectual property rights of others, and will ask our users to likewise respect the intellectual property rights of others. JetPCB.com will suspend and terminate the account of the serial violators, under the proper circumstances and on the basis of decision-making. If you think your writings are being used to constitute a violation of intellectual property rights, or your intellectual property right is being violated, please supply us with the following information:
(A) Electronic or substantial signatures or stamps by anyone who has the right to represent the copyrights or the intellectual property rights.
(B) Any descriptions of the writings or other intellectual property rights you deem violated.
(C) The real location and description of the information you deem violated.
(F) Your address, telephone number and e-mail address.
(E) The use without being proclaimed by the agents of the copyright proprietor or law documents which you think is based on good will.
(F) The accuracy of the information put on your notice based on the above-mentioned statements and the statements made by you on the copyrights and intellectual property rights or lawfully representative of the copyright owners or intellectual property rights owners, under the preconditions of your full understanding of the responsibilities of falsifying the statements.
JetPCB.com accepts your contacts based on the formerly mentioned information at the following address:
2055 Junction Ave. STE 135, San Jose, CA, 95131
Your Authorization to JetPCB.com
Please do not post, transmit, enter or supply JetPCB.com for production if you do not legally authorize others or transfer the right to the third party to use, change, reproduce, publicly promulgate, rewrite, spread, publish some information. You should also guarantee that the information enjoys the proper rights or lawful authorization without the fear of impinging on others' intellectual property rights. If you do not have the lawful right, please do not arbitrarily post, transmit or enter the information onto JetPCB.com, or else you will have to take the penal and civil responsibility due to impingements upon the intellectual property rights (including but not limited to lawsuit fees and lawyer fees…etc.).
Feedback to JetPCB.com
If you provide us with any ideas, suggestions, and proposals (called feedback) through the suggestion or response page, you recognize and agree:
(A) Your feedback to the information is not especially confidential or owned.
(B) JetPCB.com does not take any responsibility for any publicly-expressed or implied secret-keeping based upon the formerly stated feedback.
(C) JetPCB.com has the right to use or disclose, globally for any purpose, (or choose not to use or disclose) the formerly mentioned feedback in any form, at any medium.
(D) JetPCB.com may have had or is considering or developing the ideas or proposals that bear resemblance to the feedback.
(E) Your contributions will become part of our property.
(F) You do not have the right to make a claim for indemnity or compensation under any circumstances.
If Jetpcb design and manufactured products has any defects and caused damage to customer, the scope of compensate will only cover the maximum value of products we sold. If you supply, post, or transmit "member contents", violate the clauses of the service by using the service and connecting with the service, or impingements upon others' any rights happen, so do any requests or claims by any third party. You agree to make JetPCB.com, subsidiaries, affiliates, managers, employees, agents, partners and authorizers immune from any damage.
A Limited Responsibility for Product Maintenance Due to Delivery and Flaws in Quality
JetPCB gives priority to product quality and on-time delivery for our customized service. The scope of maintenance includes PCB in itself and breakdowns due to PCB production, but excludes any problems resulting from delivery delayed by production, delayed delivery, or any defects in the product after delivery. JetPCB.com will do our best to offer an appropriate discount, product exchange, and product delivery tracking because of delivery delayed by production, flawed product, and delivery delayed by Transportation Company to reduce your damage. You have to take responsibility for the risks of using every service item and the damage it may cause.
Service Change
JetPCB reserves the right to readily change or temporarily/permanently stop the continued supply of the service (or any part) without giving notice, at any point of time. You agree that JetPCB.com take the responsibility for any changes, suspension, and discontinued supply of the service to you or any third party.
Rejecting or Terminating Your Use
You agree that JetPCB terminates your password, account (or any part of it), or the use of the service, and remove or delete any member contents in the service for our considerations, or any reasons including but not limited to being unused in a fixed period of time, the law or the government orders, your requests, discontinuation of the service, the substantial changes in the service contents, the unexpected technical and security elements or problems, your deceit or unlawful acts, fees paid as required by contract, or what JetPCB thinks you have violated the regulations and spirit of the service clauses. For our own considerations, JetPCB.com will terminate the service or any other parts, with or without notice given. You agree we terminate the service supplied to you in accordance with any regulations of the service clauses, without prior notification. You recognize and agree JetPCB.com can immediately shut down or delete your account and all the information and files related to your account, and stop the use of the service. Besides, you agree if the use of the service is terminated, JetPCB will NOT take any responsibility towards you and any third party.
Compliance with Laws
The rights and obligations of JetPCB and the Buyer with respect to JetPCB's quotation and the resulting Buyers contract shall be governed by The Delaware Division of Corporations. For any disputes arising out of this Sales Order, the parties hereby submit to the Supreme Court of Delaware, and agree that the competent courts located in Delaware, will serve as the sole forum for purposes of any suit, action or other proceeding. In the event of any litigation arising out of this Sales Order, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover all costs incurred, including reasonable attorney’s fees, in all matters of collection and enforcement.
Buyer’s Default
Upon the happening of any one or more of the following events:
(A) Buyer's default in the payment of any sum due to JetPCB hereunder.
(B) Buyer's default in the performance of any other provision of these terms and conditions for a period of more than ten (10) days after delivery of written notice of such defaults to Buyer by JetPCB.
Then JetPCB, at its option, may exercise one or more of the following options:
(A) Withhold delivery of any goods which are subject of the order or sales contract.
(B) Stop delivery of goods in the possession of a carrier or other parties and cancel the order or sales contract.
Exercise any and all rights and privileges that JetPCB may have under the laws of Delaware. All of the above and none other constitute the entire terms and conditions of quotation and sale of JetPCB.