PCB Manufacturing Services

Do you provide panelization services?

Yes we do. Pleas see the details below:

Our quotation of PCB sample production is determined in accordance with its respective dimensions. As such, we only require to know the size (Long * Width) under “Finished Size” for panelization. If you can kindly combine all Gerber files in one place, JetPCB will not charge additional fee for panelization.

However, if you are unable to do so and need our assistance for editing, we require you upload all Geber files for panelization. Our CAM engineers would be happy to assist with your inquiries. If there are any issues involved, we will contact you. Due to the amount of time and cost that we have used, a small service fee should be incurred. Please see the service fee chart as follows:
Layer Additional Service Fee
(tax excluded)
2L $20.00 Calculation is based on a valuation on each Gerber file.
4L $40.00
6L $80.00
…Please contact our sales representative for more information.

If you have special requests for panelization, please do not forget to upload your layout chart for us to look at.
If you are unclear of the above mentioned, you may contact us directly for assistance, thank you.