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Order Instructions
The following is some information about On time or on Us terms and conditions concerning your order. Please read carefully.

1.     Automatic Order and Negotiated Order:
(1)    Jetpcbweb LLC (“The Company”) deals with Automatic Orders via our automated quoting system on our official website (us.JetPCB.com), which lists enterable specifications and estimated prices.
(2)    Automatic Orders placed by customers shall be subject to specifications and prices on the system, or else the procedure of Automatic Orders cannot proceed.
(3)    If customers intend to place orders whose specifications and prices are beyond the range of our automated quoting system, please email the Company your orders. The personnel who are responsible for negotiated orders will contact you and discuss direct following procedures (The “Negotiated Order”).

2.     Confirmation of Automatic Order:
(1)    After customers enter the information of Automatic Order into our system on the website, the Company will email the customers a notice regarding the confirmation of receiving the order.
(2)    The customers who have received the order confirmation notice shall make payment by one of the methods the Company requests within 24 hours after receiving it.
(3)    Upon receiving Automatic Orders, the Company will examine their contents and may accept or decline the Automatic Orders according to the internal policies (i.e. in the situation where the Gerber files received do not match the required specifications) and daily capability within 6 business hours after receiving customers’ Automatic Order, the Company will email the customers the notice regarding the result of examination of Automatic Order.
(4)    Upon receiving the payment, the Company will email customers the notice of acceptance as a proof of commencement of lead time and will start to manufacture the goods.

3.  Lead Time:
(1)    The Company will complete the manufacture of the goods customers have placed Automatic Orders within lead time displayed on the system.
(2)    Once completing the manufacture of goods, the Company will deliver goods to the courier companies from Taiwan and will email the customers the shipping notice.
(3)    The lead time indicated are the actual days for production only and does not include the waiting period and the delivery time with products being shipped from Taiwan.

4.  Discount resulting from manufacturing behind Lead Time:
(1)    If the Company does not complete the manufacture of the goods from Automatic Order within Lead Time or manufacture insufficient goods as ordered or the goods are defective due to production, the customer may request a discount by submitting a written explanation of cause within 5 business days after receiving the shipping notice.
(2)    If the Company finds that the content of the request is true and correct under the provisions of Article 4.(1), the Company will give the customers a discount whose sum is equivalent to the payment of the delayed, defective or missing goods less shipping fee. The discount is applicable to future Automatic Orders in six months after giving the discount.
(3)    The discount shall be automatically used on the next Automatic Orders via the system until no balance exists.
(4)    The unused discount shall expire after the applicable period of six months.
(5)    The discount is non-transferable and only used on Automatic Order not on Negotiated Order.
(6)    In the situation where partial boards are missing, the discount shall be calculated in percentage terms and is response to the numbers of boards as ordered.

5.  Due to a fixed factory providing manufacturing capabilities, the Company has the rights to accept daily Automatic Orders based on our daily Automatic Order capabilities.

6.  The terms contained in the above serve as supplementary information and are subject to any conditions listed under Terms of Service on our site. In the event of a conflict between the terms listed in this Section and Terms of Service, the Terms of Service controls. Please review both terms and the Terms of Service prior to purchase. 

7.  The company may retain the right to revise the policy said above, and will post the new policy statement on the official website after revising it. In order to prevent the controversy, customers shall carefully read the policy stated on the official website before placing an order.